Biogalenic Laboratories CA begun its commercial activities on July 1999, year where the company gave to the pharmaceutical market a wide basket of pharmacological products (antihypertensives, antibiotics, antineoplastics, natural products, etc), which are available at all, the organisms dedicated to the health area. Its founders want to develop new products and new molecules as a goal, which will be located at the pharmaceutical market in a short period of time. We have been made an important investments building and starting an excellent pharmaceutical plant, which is adapted to the Good Practice of Manufacture, and the approval by the Health and Social Development Ministry of our country, following the standing legal norms for this kind of industry.

Biogalenic Laboratories CA has as a main objective to become in a vanguard enterprise where in all and each process, the search of perfection be the absolute priority and philosophy of life.
Biogalenic Laboratories CA rigorously fulfills the highest standards of quality, respecting the international major patterns of exigency. Joined by the same philosophy behind similar objectives of excellence. The common effort of all of the persons integrating Biogalenic Laboratories CA, will permit the fulfillment of all of the goals, even if it seems unreachable, and we will satisfy not only the National market demand but we’ll amplify our horizons toward International markets. Our main activity is to produce, import, export and distribute generic and trademark products, satisfying the growing needs of a changing market in agreement with the new commanding technologies in the international market.